Coming Soon in February 2022

Made From Plants

Welli Bins™ are the most sustainable bins ever made thanks to our unique, plant-based foam and factory molding process.  Fossil fuels are the industry standard in foam manufacturing. Our foam is different - made from a blend of sugarcane with strands of cellulose from leaves and tree bark folded in to create a tear-resistant structure. To further reduce waste, excess foam produced during manufacturing is recycled and reused.  By using (and reusing) this organic matter to replace fossil fuels, we significantly reduce carbon emissions. 

After Welli Bins leave the factory, the absolute minimum packaging necessary is used to safely transport each bin. The shipment boxes are made from recycled paper and all elements of the packaging can be recycled by customers.

The plant-based material, sustainable manufacturing process, and smart logistics make Welli Bins the most environmentally friendly bin ever made.